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“3NCRYPT3D” / “We” / “Us”

The 3NCRYPT3D service and brand, along with its logo, are owned by 3NCRYPT3D Messaging Services, Lda (hereinafter 3NCRYPT3D), headquartered at Rua Daciano Baptista Marques, 245 Lake Towers Edifício D, 2º Andar 4400-617, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal.


“Website” / “Websites” / “Site” / “Sites” / “Public Site” / “Support Centre”

Sites with the domain names “3ncrypt3d.com” and “get33d.com”, including all subdomains, belonging to 3NCRYPT3D. The support centre, located at “3ncrypt3d.freshdesk.com”, although not belonging to us, is under our management and, as such, will be treated as our property for the purpose of these Terms.



By visiting the sites, either through explicit access by inserting any of the addresses mentioned above into your browser of choice or by following an external link, you will assume the status of Visitor.



Any person who subscribes to the service provided by 3NCRYPT3D will become a Customer.

These Terms of Use apply equally to Visitors and Customers.



“Content” means: texts, images, logos, photos, illustrations, video and audio material, webdesign and software, among others.

The entire contents published on the Websites and their subdomains, with the exception of links to external articles and content provided by advertisers or business partners, clearly identified as such, are property and copyrighted materials of 3NCRYPT3D. The copyright protection extends to any copies obtained from these contents.

The visitor/client is authorised to make use of the contents for strictly personal purposes and is expressly prohibited from publishing, reproducing, disseminating, distributing or, in any other way, making the contents accessible to third parties outside the context in which they were created, for purposes of public communication or marketing, online or in carbon copies, without the express authorisation of 3NCRYPT3D. The publication of links to the content on our Sites is authorized, provided that such publication does not, in any way, damages our service or brand’s reputation.

The visitor/client undertakes not to use the chats, forum or any other discussion groups of the Sites or Support Centre for commercial or promotional purposes, including for distribution of products or services, or for advertising purposes, as well as for membership in any entities or organizations.

The visitor/client undertakes not to assume the identity of third parties when using the Sites or Support Centre, including registering e-mail addresses of third parties to receive content provided by 3NCRYPT3D.

3NCRYPT3D reserves the right to take legal action against the authors of any copy, reproduction, dissemination, unauthorized commercial exploitation or any other misuse of the content of the site, rejecting any responsibility for any misuse of the site or its contents by third parties.

3NCRYPTED assumes that the users of this site are fully aware of the characteristics, constraints, limitations and defects of the Internet and digital data links in general, and implicitly accept any anomalies that may arise from the use of this site.

All informative content on the site has been included in good faith and serves exclusively for the direct information of visitors/customers, and its use is their sole responsibility.

3NCRYPT3D reserves the right to make changes and corrections, suspend, interrupt or close any of the Websites if it so deems appropriate, without the need for prior notice and for the period it deems necessary, for any technical, administrative, force majeure or other reasons, and cannot be held liable for failing to live up to visitors’ expectations in such event.


3NCRYPT3D is not responsible for changes to the contents targeted by shared links from third party sites, which are used only for the convenience and use of the Visitor/Client.

3NCRYPT3D disclaims any liability for the personal data protection practices of third party websites. Any links that we may share do not imply our implicit or explicit acceptance of their contents or association with their owners.

The Visitor/Client of this Site is obliged to respect the applicable legislation, namely, the Code of Copyright and Related Rights, the Code of Industrial Property and the Law of Computer Crime, as well as to act in good faith and to make a use of the Site that does not offend any rights of ours or third parties’.

Our Service has specific Terms and Conditions, which apply only to those who register as our customer. These can be found at https://account.3ncrypt3d.com/Login/terms