Important Information About the Demo Period

How long is the Demo period?

For 16 days you will be able to experience the 3NCRYPT3D secure service, knowing how it works. When creating your account, always use your personal email, that way you ensure that the service emails will always reach you.

The version that will be made available to you at this stage is similar to the Premium version, with limitations.


After creating the account, at any time you can interrupt the demo period and buy one of the Subscriptions. Simply login to your account and upgrade in the “Account” tab – .

If you have any Promotional Code, enter it after choosing your Subscription, on the “Add Coupon” button, before choosing the payment method.

Note: If the “Add Coupon” option is not available it means that there are no coupons for the type of Subscription you have selected.

What are the features of the Demo version? Are there any restrictions? 

During the Demo period there are only two restrictions:

– All messages you create will be sent to you during this period. This means that none of the contacts you have created will receive messages from our service during this period. You can then test if the messages are received, without anyone else receiving an email about the – in this case, fictitious – eventuality of something occurred to you;

– During the Demo period Heartbeat is set to 7 days and cannot be changed.

What do I need to know about the end of the Demo Period?

At the end of the Demo Period, only your Contacts and Primary Device are maintained.

All Messages and attachments you have created during this phase will be deleted. Any device on which you have configured the Application, other than the Primary Device, will be inactive.

If the Subscription you have chosen allows more than one Device to be configured, please contact our support center to reactivate the additional devices.

If by the end of the period set for the Demo account you have not purchased a Subscription, your Account will automatically be put into idle status.

The Account may be reactivated by you within 60 days of the end of the trial period, with the subscription’s payment. This should be done through the Account Site.

If the 60 days elapse without acquiring the definitive subscription, the account will be automatically and irreversibly deleted from the servers on the 61st day (after the end of the 16 days of demonstration).

We will only save a hash (fingerprint) of the email address with which you registered your account, which will allow you to purchase the Service later, if you wish.

Is it possible to try (the Demo subscription) more than once?

You can only create one Demo subscription per person.

If you allow the 16 days of demo account and the 60 days in which you could still access your account (to purchase the subscription) to expire and you subsequently want to purchase the Service, you must access the Account Creation Site and create a new account.

The service will identify the email with which you previously made your Demo through the hash (fingerprint of it) referred to in the previous point and will create a new account that will last 24 hours – so that the user can acquire the desired subscription, in the “Account” tab in the icon .

After 24h, in the absence of a subscription, the account will be automatically inactivated. The Company reserves the right to block the corresponding email address to prevent attempts to abuse the Service.

3NCRYPT3D is a unique service. Because it includes increased security settings, it requires a higher level of attention on your part when you start using it, when compared to others that you may be used to – especially in the App configuration phase.

It is extremely important that you read and follow the installation steps, preferably at once; they allow you what you are looking for: autonomy, privacy, confidentiality and peace of mind.

We guarantee that the whole process is essential so that we can provide all the security that the information of our customers deserves!

I want to try it!